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Sometimes the never to the tooth becomes inflamed and damged. Also known as endodontic therapy, we clean out the pulp and canals which contain the nervous tissue of the tooth. Then we disinfect and seal the space left behind by the nerve of the tooth. A crown is then placed to protect and reinforce the tooth.

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Also known as false teeth, we provide prosthetic devices custom made specifically to your mouth to replace missing teeth. Full dentures replace a complete arch and can be attached with underlying implants, an overdenture. Or, partial dentures, retained by natural teeth, can be fabricated to replace missing teeth.

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When necessary, the replacement of a missing tooth can be achieved by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth, le; “bridging” the gap between teeth. These fixed prostheses can provide up to decades long functionality.

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Be it a large cavity, a broken cusp, a fracture, or even a large broken down filling, tooth structure can be replaced and reinforced with a completely metal-free zirconia crowns. Crowns provide long term functionality with pleasant aesthetics.

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From teeth whitening to veneers, we handle all your cosmetic dental needs. We offer traditional veneers and non-preparation Lumineers

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