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Custom Mouthpieces

For those who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring, we offer appliances to be worn at night which align your air passages for a smooth and relaxing good night’s rest. Those who grind and subsequently endure the terrible consequences, such as headaches and muscle pain, we offer nightguards to cushion your teeth while you sleep.

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Along with general dentistry, we offer Invisalign to improve your smile. Limited in its scope, Invisalign- consists of a series of custom designed retainers taken home and worn over a course of several weeks. Results are astounding and satisfying to patients who are looking to bring into line those rotated and misaligned teeth for the perfect smile.

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From wisdom teeth to dental implants, we take care of all your oral surgery needs in a caring, gentle manner.

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A surgical process by which a tooth or a series of teeth are replaced by a titanium prostheses integrating into bone. These then can support dental restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture.

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We will happily restore your natural tooth color for a brighter smile.

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