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Invisalign Dentistry

Overview and Treatment Process – How Invisalign Dentistry Works

Invisalign Dentistry treatment applies the use of virtually invisible devices that are made of a material that is thermoplastic in nature and looks similar to the trays used for teeth whitening. It is however worth to note that a majority of the devices are custom made to the specific nature of the patient to be treated.

invisalign dentistryThe working of the devices is premised behind the fact that over the course of the treatment process, a number of aligners will be supplied to the patient. This will depend on the progress of the client. Every single of the aligners will make a certain adjustment to the position of the tooth and this is based on the type of treatment that is being sought. The change of the set of aligners is made after approximately a period of two weeks. The new set of aligners will gradually improve the shift based on the progress that is being made.

The treatment process is even more advantageous since owing to the virtual invisibility of the aligners, no one may even notice the treatment period. This makes the treatment process fit seamlessly with the lifestyle of the individual. Basically, they are invisible braces.

Why Invisalign

invisalign dentistry

When a comparison is made between Invisalign treatments against other teeth aligning treatments, there are a number of advantages as to why Invisalign should be opted for at the expense of braces. However, the most profound advantage is the fact that the use of Invisalign offers comfort and convenience that is not present in the case of braces. This stems from the fact that Invisalign treatment is virtually invisible. The use aligns the teeth and in most cases it is only the individual using them who is aware of their presence. This cannot be said of braces which are visible once they are worn. Further advice should be sought from Invisalign dentist in Montrose.

Another advantage is that they can be brushed as well as flossed in a normal manner. The procedure is not complicated and does not require any special procedures. This is also related to the advantage on the fact that Invisalign usage offers comfort since they can be removed at any time depending on the preference of the individual using them. The device can be removed at the convenience of the person using them and this is a simple procedure that can be done without the help of a medical practitioner.

Main Advantages To Getting Invisalign over Braces:

  • The device is made of a smooth and comfortable plastic as opposed to metal that can react with the teeth.
  • Does not require strict visits to the orthodontist, normally only once every four to six weeks.
  • Straightens the teeth and also allows the individual the freedom to eat any food that they might desire without any restriction.

Invisalign Cost

A common concern of customers revolves around the concern: is Invisalign more expensive than braces? It is to be appreciated that the cost of Invisalign treatment is more or less similar to that of braces. However, it is important to consult with your personal doctor on the cost since this will be determined by the geography of the patient and the circumstances of every case.

How much does Invisalign cost in Montrose?

Invisalign treatment cost has variations from one doctor to another. However, the package plans that have been established normally cover the cost or the entire procedure. In other cases, the cost is split between phases and the amount may be paid with the installation of new aligners at different points. This will normally be agreed upon between the patient and the dentist in every case.

Dentist who have been trained in Invisalign treatment can offer payment plans that involve absolutely zero percent financing. The value of the treatment has taken into consideration all factors that affect the cost of the treatment.

Treatable cases

Invisalign braces treat a variety of cases and this is also an advantage that the treatment has over other options for the same procedure. The treatable cases include:

  • Teeth that may be crowded in one region.
  • Invisalign provides spacing between teeth to the recommended levels in cases where this might not be the case.
  • The treatment is also used for correcting cross bites.
  • The treatment is also used for the treatment of under bites in teeth.