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Dental Crowns – Frequently Asked Questions

Some people ask the question, what is a tooth crown? Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are place over your tooth. Dental crowns cover your tooth and restore its size and shape for improved appearance. When a crown is placed, it fully covers the entire visible part of your tooth.

Dental Crown Cost – Free Consultation – Call (818) 839-7475

Porcelain Fused Metal Crown – $699
All Porcelain Crown (Metal-Free) – $899

How long do porcelain dental crowns last?  Porcelain crowns on average last between 5 to 25 years (Depends on well you take care of your teeth).

Types of Crowns

Stainless Steel – These are crowns that are prefabricated for temporary application on permanent teeth. The crown offers protection to the filling or tooth while you wait for a permanent crown made of another material.

Porcelain Dental Crowns – These crowns are composed of a mixture of porcelain and some metal. Porcelain crowns resemble natural teeth. If you are looking for dental crowns front teeth, this is the best material. However, the part of the crown that is porcelain breaks and chips off easily.

Zirconia or Milled Crown – These crowns are crafted digitally in dental lab that has the appropriate hardware and software for producing them. These crowns do not need any impressions to be taken and can take only one visit to the dentist. Of all the crowns, this dental crown cost is the highest.

Before and After - Single Tooth Porcelain Crown

What is a Tooth Crown - BeforeDental Crown Procedure - After

Before and After - Multiple Teeth Porcelain Crowns

Dental Crowns Front Teeth - BeforePorcelain Dental Crowns - After

What is the purpose of crowns?
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Covering poorly shaped or discolored teeth
  • Repairing a tooth that has been affected by decay or that has cracks or chips
  • Filling gaps
  • Repairing a tooth that is broken or worn down
  • Fixing minor alignment issues

How Long Do They Last?

Crowns can last for up to 15 years; however, some patients wear them for longer. Zirconia crowns last the longest. Crowns should be replaced when broken or if they develop cracks. Most crown defects are brought about by tooth decay or gum disease. Crowns last longer if you exercise proper oral hygiene.

After How Long are Crowns Finished?

This may depend on the cost of dental crown. It can take up to one week for crowns to be finished. You will need two dentist appointments. More time may be required if you require many crowns or if a delicate root canal treatment is involved. You are advised to schedule an appointment beforehand.

What is The Process Involved When Making Crowns?

A dental crown procedure is simple, the dentist takes x-rays to examine your tooth and check if there you have a cavity. After the check up, your doctor will prepare your tooth for the crown. The dentist will file and reshape your tooth. During this phase, you will be given anesthetics for the pain. The doctor takes impressions of your tooth and sends them to the laboratory for the design of crowns.

In most situations, the lab finishes crafting the crown after 7 days. During this waiting period, you will be using a temporary crown. After the crowns are complete, you are required to go for your second visit. The dentist will examine the fit and color of the crown and ensure it matches your bite. If everything is in order, your doctor will fix the permanent crown.

Do Crowns Hurt?

The sensation of pain depends on the patient. Some patients experience no pain. However, it also depends on the nerve’s proximity to the tooth’s surface. Local anesthetics might be administered to numb the pain during tooth preparation.

Can Your Crowns Match Surrounding Teeth?

During the preparation of crowns, your dentist matches the color of the crown to your teeth so that they are a perfect match. If you want to go through teeth whitening, you should do it before your crowns are prepared.

Can Crowns be Whitened?

Crowns cannot be whitened. If you have old or discolored crowns, you need a replacement if you want an improved look.