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Here at Verdugo Hills Dental Group, we have a clear mission.

Our mission is to establish strong and lasting relationships with our patients. We welcome everyone to visit our office and build that relationship. Our philosophy is founded on honesty, respect and integrity. “Do unto others as you would like to be done to you,” as the saying goes. This is what our doctor, Dr. Hakopyan, and our staff adhere to first and foremost .

At Verdugo Hills Dental Group, our care and compassion for our patients will shine through. Comfort, honesty, and dentistry built to last, are not just words for us, they are our goals.

Our doctor and staff want nothing more than to teach and guide our patients.

We understand that patients are constantly bombarded with information, be it from the internet, television, or even other people. Some of this information is accurate but a significant portion is unfortunately misguided. That is why Dr. Hakopyan will sit down and talk to you.

He will explain every aspect of your treatment, answering all of your questions and addressing your concerns. There are no surprises and no empty promises. Working together with our patients is how we achieve our treatment objectives.

Our office cares about the environment, that’s why we are truly a green office.

Completely computerized, we create less paper waste and as a result less of an impact on the environment. We are amalgam free which reduces the toxic wastes of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. We are equipped with the latest dental technologies, including digital Xrays, which eliminates chemical waste and reduces energy expenditure. Our office offers the latest and safest dental techniques and procedures for a truly stress-free visit.

So give us a visit, our doors welcome everyone who is looking for quality, honesty, integrity, and dentistry that will last. We will work with you to achieve your dental success.

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      Exam, X-Ray & Cleaning: $119

      Teeth Whitening: $349

      Deep Cleaning: $399

      All Porcelain Crowns: $899

      Implant + Crown: $1999

      Night Guards: $349

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